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SEPTEMBER 27-29, 2002
pictures by Sharon
Indians/Royals game w/Kevin, Pointe Blank loge, Thome record-setting HR
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115-1529_IMG 115-1532_IMG        
Miami @ Akron w/Dad & Kevin, Akron Rubber Bowl, Miami wins! 47-31
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115-1543_IMG 115-1545_IMG 115-1546_IMG 115-1547_IMG    
Juli on her tricycle
115-1551_IMG 115-1552_IMG 115-1555_IMG 115-1556_IMG    
Six Flags w/Mom, Kevin, Juli, Mira, Mark & Shuka
115-1558_IMG 115-1559_IMG 115-1560_IMG 115-1561_IMG 115-1562_IMG 115-1563_IMG
115-1564_IMG 115-1565_IMG 115-1566_IMG 115-1567_IMG 115-1568_IMG 115-1569_IMG
115-1570_IMG 115-1571_IMG 115-1572_IMG 115-1573_IMG    
115-1574_IMG 115-1575_IMG 115-1576_IMG 115-1577_IMG    
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Canon PowerShot S30
shot at 1200x1600
Kevin's pictures
cool effect!

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